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Rutgers Exhibit Kit

Showcase Rutgers at Your Next Event

Banners, table covers, podium signs—University Communications and Marketing offers a wealth of exhibit materials to help you complement your unit brand with the Rutgers identity at events on and off campus. Learn more.

Rutgers Exhibit Kit

A package of display materials is available for use at meetings, conferences, receptions, and other types of public events. This kit includes table coverings, banners, podium signs, and other items that showcase Rutgers.

To request materials, please complete the Exhibit Kit Request Form at least five business days prior to the date needed. Material quantities are limited and will be made available on a first-come basis.

For more information, email Rutgers Exhibit Kit or call Marcie Aboff at 848-932-0579.

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To get information about pricing and how to order your own exhibit kit materials, please contact the Office of Trademark Licensing, or call Elyse Carlson at 848-445-1951.