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Dec 4, 1998
  Rutgers thanks Congress for RUNet 2000 funding
AAU urges review of graduate education
At the board
Governors' forum hears community concerns
On 'Fast ForWord'
School of Law--Newark
It happened in New Jersey
Citizenship in 'Jeopardy'

Nov 13, 1998
  Rock solid at the top of her field
Center is named for champion of worker training
McKay is appointed university director of telecommunications
Studying 'the origin of ourselves'

Nov 6, 1998
  Writings from the Pen
NSF director Rita Colwell outlines her agenda
At the trustees
At the Senate
Take the Academic Challenge
You've come a long way, athlete
Dancing for 'Dear Ol' Rutgers'

Oct 30, 1998
  Nurses to the rescue
'Ghost notes' for an intellectual icon
A matter of justice
Congress appropriates $2.5 million for Rutgers' computer network
Rutgers and Economic Development Authority sign research agreement

Oct 23, 1998
  An innovative approach to implants
Replacing liver cells
Tuckman named dean of Faculty of Management
CAIP receives NSF award of $2.2 million
Export to Asia
Job-search process goes high-tech
Professor tries his hand at distance teaching
Creating customized business solutions
Dual identities
Destination Newark
Robert Wood, a tourist in Southeast Asia

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