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Nov 4, 2002
  Richard L. McCormick named 19th president of Rutgers
Gifted artists
They have seen the future, and it is small
At the senate
NSF awards $4.3 million to map corn genome
Patti Austin to perform tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
Employees urged to give through United Way
Rutgers launches new intercultural initiative

Oct 21, 2002
  An interview with Norman Samuels
Rutgers-Newark researchers on the merits of school takeovers
Governors authorize purchase of new residence for Rutgers president
Voices and visions
Recent books
Art exhibits slated for Zimmerli Museum, Alexander Library

Oct 7, 2002
  Norman Samuels appointed acting president; BOG suspends presidential search
Rutgers will receive $12.3 million for math and science education
Five years closer to a cure
From a woman's perspective
State needs to plan for quality, capacity
The Jazz Institute at 50
$11 million for Camden campus
Felissa R. Lashley appointed nursing dean
Purchasing, now online
Telefund surpasses $5 million mark
Concerts at Kirkpatrick Chapel

Sep 23, 2002
  Turning Points
Remembering September 11
Meet the dean
Research Highlights
Breaking ground
Whitaker Foundation awards $5 million
Happening on campus
Creating a more beautiful world
Academic leaders welcomed back
The right-to-know law and you

Sep 2, 2002
  The paradox of religious devotion and destruction
University to mark Sept. 11
Faculty discuss Sept. 11, one year later
$28 million life sciences building to open in 2004
Presidential search is making progress
A garden walk
Rutgers honors 206 faculty
Honors awarded at June BOG meeting
Carmen Twillie Ambar named dean of Douglass
Getting there on Route 18
Rutgers selected to host Italian studies institute
Homecoming 2002
At the board

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