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Educator Network to enhance leadership skills

Archived article from Dec 10, 1999

By Pam Orel  

Faculty, staff and students now have an opportunity to enhance their leadership, communication and problem-solving skills while helping to make Rutgers a better place.

The University Program for Organizational Quality and Communication Improvement (QCI) offers members of the university a chance to get acquainted with the work of QCI and its Educator Network (EdNet) through a series of workshops.

The programs give EdNet members an opportunity to better understand workshop delivery as well as team facilitation concepts and methods. These sessions are a first step in helping QCI add to the current cadre of people working to lead improvement efforts within their own departments and across the university.

"We are looking for people who are highly motivated and interested in taking advantage of a professional development opportunity that advances service excellence throughout the university," said Joseph Lopez, QCI training director.

Initially, membership will be by invitation, with prospective members being asked to commit up to five hours per month to this initiative. Future EdNet support plans include an EdNet newsletter, brown-bag lunches on related topics and an EdNet Web site.

For more information, contact Ann Volpe at ext. 2-1420 or visit the QCI Web site at

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