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Faculty, staff honored for years of service


Published: May 30, 2006

Credit: Nick Romanenko
Richard Merritt

Richard Merritt started at Rutgers in 1950 as a student at Rutgers College, and save for his service in the U.S. Air Force, never left he became an instructor at Rutgers in 1956 and has worked here ever since. On May 3, Merritt and 148 other faculty members were honored at the annual Faculty Service Recognition Luncheon. Merritt was the sole honoree for 50 years of service; eight faculty members were honored for 40 years of service; and 42 were honored for 30 years of service. Merritt, a professor of plant biology and pathology on the Cook College faculty, has served in a variety of administrative and faculty positions. He played an integral role in internationalizing education, forming several partnerships between Rutgers and schools abroad, and creating new institutions in Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Oman. He directs the Cook International Programs Office and the study of food systems under the Mid-Atlantic Consortium, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Fifty Years of Service

Richard H. Merritt, Cook - Plant Biology & Pathology

Forty Years of Service

Richard F. Gundy, FASB - Statistics

Bruce A. Hamilton, Cook - Landscape Architecture

George H. Nieswand, Cook - Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources

C. E. Polymeropoulos, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Harvey R. Schiffman, FASB - Psychology

Gordon J. Schochet, FASB - Political Science

Charles C. Sims, FASB - Mathematics

William A. Walling, FASB - English

Thirty Years of Service

Nabil R. Adam, RBS - Management Sci. & Comp. Inf. Studies

Natalie Borisovets, Dana Library - Newark

Brenna H. Bry, GSAPP - Clinical Psychology

Gerald C. Chenoweth, MGSA - Music

Gregory L. Cherlin, FASB - Mathematics

Anne V. Dalesandro, Camden Law Library

Eric M. Davis, FASB - Political Science

Robert C. Evans, FASC - Biology

Howard Bruce Franklin, FASN - English

Arnold Lewis Glass, FASB - Psychology

Robert Harnack, Cook - Environmental Science

Roger H. Hewins, FASB - Geological Sciences

Joseph P. Hughes, FASB - Economics

Jonathan M. Hyman, School of Law - Newark, Dean's Office

Stephan S. Isied, FASB - Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Haruo Kojima, FASB - Physics & Astronomy

Noreen E. Mahon, College of Nursing

Tod A. Marder, FASB - Art History

John A. Mc Clure, FASB - English

James R. Miller, Cook - Marine & Coastal Sciences

Douglas W. Morrison, FASN - Biological Sciences

Karl F. Nordstrom, Cook - Marine & Coastal Sciences

Ferris Olin, Douglass Library

George Pieczenik, Cook - Biochemistry & Microbiology

Gerald Pirog, FASB - Russian, Central & E. European Studies

James W. Reed, FASB - History

Gerard R. Richter, FASB - Computer Science

Donald Roden, FASB - History

Thomas K. Rudel, Cook - Human Ecology

Paul G. Shane, FASN - Social Work

Neil Sheflin, FASB - Economics

Harold I. Siegel, FASN - Psychology

Peter Simmons, School of Law - Newark, Dean's Office

Navin K. Sinha, FASB - DLS - Genetics

Ann C. St. John, FASB - DLS - Genetics

Arthur Tomie, FASB - Psychology

Chaim I. Waxman, FASB - Sociology

Helene R. White, Center of Alcohol Studies

David Allan Wilder, FASB - Psychology

Mary Jane Willis, Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Allen L. Woll, FASC - History

Barbara A. Zilinskas, Cook - Plant Biology & Pathology

Twenty Years of Service

Eric Allender, FASB - Computer Science

Ka-neng Au, Dana Library - Newark

Sidney Auerbach, FASB - DLS - Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Jerry J. Baron, Cook - IR-4

James R. Bliss, GSE - Educational Theory, Policy & Admin.

Robert Blumenschine, FASB - Anthropology

Jeffrey Buechner, FASN - Philosophy

Michael J. Camasso, Cook - Agricultural Economics & Marketing

Mark Castelino, RBS - Finance & Economics

Fariborz Damanpour, RBS - Organization Management

Howard M. Dess, Library of Science & Medicine


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