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60 Seconds

Articles of Faith

Vincent LucreziVincent Lucrezi SSW'86

You are a big fan of the Scarlet Knights, and you express it through Rutgers apparel and paraphernalia. How many articles of clothing to you have?
Somewhere between 25 and 50.

What do you have the most of?

Do you have a prized possession?
My first Rutgers sweatshirt. I bought it 16 years ago. I wear it for opening day, and for every game, during the football season. It doesn’t get washed until we win a bowl game. It’s my good luck charm

What is the most unusual thing you have?
My Rutgers flip-flops.

What other Rutgers items have you collected?
A wastebasket, flags, a banner, decals, a rug, pens, golf balls, drinking glasses, and coffee mugs. There is more, I’m sure.

Your clothing must provide for significant bonding experiences.
I was in Sears before last year’s first game. Another man across the store was wearing a Rutgers sweatshirt. We spotted each other and yelled, “Go, RU!”